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Thanks for taking the time to look over my site.  I'm Quinn.
Pronouns: they/them/theirs

Closeup of MoonPath therapist smiling warmly at viewer.

I'm a therapist in Fayetteville, Arkansas who is passionate about helping folks who are going through big changes in life and worry that they may be a little too "different" for conventional therapists.  I know I certainly had that worry when I looked for a therapist.  As an AMAB, nonbinary therapist who follows an Earth-centered spiritual path and finds a good bit of therapeutic value in "nerdy" stuff like sci-fi and fantasy, I was afraid of being rejected, judged, or even preached at by prospective therapists.

Fortunately, I had therapists who embraced who I was.  That set me on the path to become a therapist who could be that way for others.

Navigating change is hard no matter where you are in life.

I've experienced profound changes through the course of my life.  Years ago, my wife lost her sight.  Together, we had to learn to adapt and learn new ways of living and doing things.  This inspired my passion for working with people who have acquired disabilities and those who are adjusting to someone in their life adapting to a disability.  It was through my own growth in this that led me to become a therapist, leading to a big career change away from teaching geology in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Just when I thought life was settled and going smoothly, I began to question who I was more deeply and came out as nonbinary.  Through these experiences, and my own ongoing journey of self-discovery, I came to appreciate the challenges of coming out later in life.  My work with college students who are navigating their own paths in gender identity and sexuality gave me insight into some of the differences between the experiences of younger and older queer folks.

While I have special areas of passion, my broadest passion of all is working with people who are navigating changes in life - any kind of change.  It might be your degree program or career, your gender or sexuality, new relationships, religious deconstruction, the loss of old relationships, or perhaps you're starting to recognize the effects of being the adult child of a parent with their own mental health challenges.  Maybe you're struggling with social norms such as men's issues that keep you from being the kind of person you want to be.

Through my professional work and my own continued journey in life, I have come to see the many ways change can affect us and our wellbeing.

I've navigated the ways change affected my life through a lot of sleepless nights, tears, trial-and-error and research, learning to manage anxiety and stress, unhook from those unhelpful thoughts and feelings, and move forward in ways that align with my values and allow for further growth and exploration in ways that see possibilities rather than obstacles.  I want to help people like you through those struggles so you don't have to deal with the things I did.  I want to be the kind of person I needed in those times for you.

How I embrace my passions as a therapist in Arkansas.

Everyone is different.  You have your own strengths and challenges and ways of doing things.  Above all else, I try to be flexible and incorporate what you know works for you and what doesn't.  After all, you are the expert in you.  That is why I take a collaborative approach with my clients.  That means that we will be working together, rather than me trying to be "the expert" in all things.  I approach counseling less like a doctor who might tell you what you need to do and more like a consultant or a trainer, offering ideas to see what helps you feel empowered to take on your challenges.

However, there are so many therapy tools and theories out there that it helps to have a solid starting point.  This is where I lean into Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT, pronounced just like "act") and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).  I offer therapy in a space that is LGBTQ+ affirming, sex- and kink-positive, sex-informed, spiritually diverse, and incorporates tools like mindfulness, the Flash Technique, Walk and Talk Therapy, the power of nature and metaphor, and a healthy dose of "nerd stuff."

Above all, my passion is empowering you to take on the challenges in your life and create a life worth living that feels attainable and authentic to you.

How can I help you?

Do you have questions about therapy or how I approach working with others?  Curious about something specific?  Feel free to contact me with your questions using the link below.

Want to see if we'd be a good fit for working together?  Click the link below to contact me or set up a free, 15-minute call with no strings attached.

Wherever you find the help you need, you can rise to the challenge ahead of you and create a life worth living.

I believe in  you.

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